Betsy Calabaza

Babel Towered

Taking wide steps, walking through numerous cultures in one stride

From afar, there were no differences

Patterns and trends that reflected only one race

No ethnicity, religion

No individualized destinations made unique from old myths

All one chaos forming a passage

Each step glided over millions of people



The unending sky used as a reference point for infinity

Knowing that, while the ground below was infinite,

The ground could not be seen without drawing memory

Memories full of wrinkles and politics, shame and pride

Memories full of duties and expectations

The sky, kept clean of bloodshed,

Stood for…



At the beginning there was consummated love

A gargle of fluids and intention

From the order, came distinction

From the mayhem, formed a body

The light came forth and shone

Stumbling and crawling

Some weak dough on stilts

From experience, a soft body

Impressionable but full of memory

A stage…



Betsy Calabaza

Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce