The holidays were dope. It was hosted by partner’s family so we traveled with proper precaution.

I felt a sort of improvement in my social skills. These skills are absolute shit so even with the improvements they’re below standards. …

En la vida, lo que toca, toca.

What does it mean for a moment not to lend itself to irony? Exactly!

Some would call the non-ironic moment dogma. T.Ad. may have called it a stepping stone towards a freedom that free-form irony could never reach.

The violent non-ironic moment…

Make classic shit out of nothin’, that’s what I specialize in

I feel dandy as fuck. Life is life. Life’s ok. You learn to take life and serve it to yourself in a lovely platter. That’s called pretension.

So here I am, a dandy pretense. Ungrateful for the…

I did not at first suppose that it was, as I gradually came to find it, the master-Key of philosophy.

One of the views my grandma holds that seems like a hard divide with the latest generations is that she believes cultures should remain separate. She’s…

Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce

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