Tirame con to’ que yo lo aguanto
No le prendo vela a ningun santo

Everyone in line started laughing at me, especially the bad hoes.

On some gangster shit, qualifying the context to social pressure, if you’re labelled a liar it doesn’t mean you’re telling a lie…

Right off the bat the metaphor presents itself. Or maybe it’s a reciprocal validating by-product of how I landed on the title in the first place. And that last sentence is a digestive end to my own psychological hunger. But enough with speculation.

A vegan/vegetarian can induce the principles of…

If dogma fails to evolve, it becomes fatalistic for the believer. If dogma evolves, the believer evolves.

Failing to evolve, the truths of dogma fade and dogma finds itself low in resources. The death curve takes society towards a spiraling dive.

Evolving dogma involves new truths. Practically what this means…

This ain’t luck, bitch, this brick’s weighed up, bitch
Them ni**as ain’t us, bitch

Wikipedia did some slimy shit and said that purpose is a mental thing. As if a human-made satellite has purpose but an asteroid has none merely because the human-made satellite was created by…

If we judge things as trivial, inconsequential, nonsense, trash, we still have to explain their purpose if we are to believe that some things have purpose.

If purpose does exist, it either exists as a fruit blooming from a plant or as a fundamental experience of nature (like gravity).


One of the most controversial thoughts is that of checkpoints.

Moments in time that determine the significance of the next.

The science equivalence would be activation energy. The propulsion of action through satisfied conditions that define the occurrence as it occurs.

The philosophical version doesn’t base its conditions on chemical…

Never forget that the topic of knowledge depends on itself to lift itself up.

How can a living thing want its own destruction? Knowledge thus turns into dogma to self-preserve

In the realm of dogma, the pragmatic survive

Language is one of the first knowledge that hardens quick; without it we fall through

Shapeshifting meaning keep the slow witted at bay

The quick witted scaffold

Symbiosis between mental states of being and mental states of experience

States of being exist frozen outside time

States of experience stargaze towards states of being; using them to navigate and create a map of being

In the gaze, we create the journey that will carve our grave

Lost in the gaze, the gaze guides and propels nowhere

I conquered, I came

Epistemology is a broad field centered around our approach towards knowledge. “Towards” is evident in how we experience “changes” in our understanding of knowledge. Understanding is active knowledge if we understand knowledge as a broad passive field centered around our “actual” approach towards knowledge.

A passive…

Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce

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