Am I a Philosopher or do I just suffer from disassociation?; or No One Cares

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readJul 21, 2022


The thing is that I’m not a philosopher. But that’s what they all say. It’s like a criminal that claims innocence. Ergo every criminal that claims innocence philosophizes.

  • No One Cares

The formalization of the outsider. If you care, you are a no one.

Negation embodied; an irrelevant political pawn

A one-dimensional man

The move is motivated by self-interest

If the consideration isn’t held by self-interest, the consideration is not motivated

Or rather, the motivation has no form

Or rather, the form of the motivation is absurd

Or rather, the absurd is of no self-interest

Or rather, self-interest rationalizes apathy

Into a form of sympathy

My self-interest is the interest of the outsider

As soon as I satisfy my self-interest, the outsider is fed

Me feeding myself makes the outsider full

The outsider is irrelevant because their good is based on my relevance

Thus no one cares, and that’s why I care for me

Care for yourself, and you care for society, even no one

Try and care for society without caring for yourself, and you’re caring for no one

What about the gays, the flamboyant, the one in drags, the queers, and the too quiet

What about the drug addicts, the mentally unwell, the physically unabled

No one cares

What about the destitute, the ones that couldn’t, the ones that sacrificed

All rewards given to those who looked out for their own

No one cares, or rather no one matters

If you don’t matter for you

Who are you? Who do you care about?



Betsy Calabaza

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