Beauty is Always Innate(Intuitive): On the concept of Being Nice as a capitalist tool

Betsy Calabaza
1 min readJan 13, 2023

Alt title: CS Peirce meets Jackson Pollock: On Creation

Alt title 2: It was a good one. I forgot what it was.

The paradox of being nice is that the action of being nice is put into question when the reaction of being nice doesn’t receive the reception the nice actor expected.

The sincere action of being nice is expected to not have a corresponding action.

Like Kierkegaard’s edificing love, being nice is the ending and not the means to the end.

When we are upset by the end of being nice even after achieving the nice-ty, the genuinety of being nice becomes devious.

A person was only being nice to get something out of it.

The context was not an autonomous agent creating a work of art to be admired. It was a capitalistic endeavour.

Understanding is paradoxical because everything is understood.

Quantum mechanics is paradoxical because it explains how I’m wrong; if we take it to mean an explanation of everything.

Beauty is our goal-end. Beauty is always available. Beauty is always here.

Its appreciation is in question. The aesthetics of intention and means.



Betsy Calabaza

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