Boethian Fortune as it Relates to Nepotism: On Using the Capital of those Successful Without their Kantian End as Consideration

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readDec 22, 2022


alt title: The Sublimity of Bullshit: On Divinity, Persians, and Peirceanos

alt title 2: The New Public and The Internet

Soon people with less than us will come around

  • Dogville, (“Soon there’ll be folks by with even less than us.”)

To continue to live in the face of nihilism means to let the absurd enter our body:

My autonomy accepts the meaningless of life and yet I endeavor to indulge in its richness

Ignoring its economical implications, its moral necessity, I do not care for I do not recogize their consequences as real

I am apathetic to those and yet I act as if I were

Because that is what makes me a good person, even in my nihilistic empathy towards those less fortunate

To live is to accept a matrix; a correlation exhibited by natural law due to my participation

And even if I acknlowedge my contribution to any degradation, I give up and say that it all follows from necessity established by a powerless self

This powerless self that, paradoxically, knows its own orgasm

Knows its own sublimity

Knows the weigh of its own action

Yet feel sorry for those that do not

Laugh in the face of the weak

Laugh in the face of the suffering

A tragedy, without reproach

As a piece of art in a gallery

Any reproach is Cervantian

A metanarrative aware of its own structure

Made for its own enjoyment

As long as the ego that created it is intact, unharm

How fortunate are we that can wander in this beautiful institute of art

Enjoying the work of others

Experiencing the sublime as gods



Betsy Calabaza

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