Conscious Modulation and Flying into Space

I’m not one of these rap fellows that act like they one of these trap fellows that trap like they was really that fellow. I’m only in here dealing with facts, fellow.

  • Bump J, Live From Bedrock (paraphrased)

Imagine you’re flying like superman or superwoman or super dog or snoop lion.

You’re going straight up. And you break through the atmosphere.

You suddenly find yourself flying through space. As you move further from the Sun, everything becomes darker.

Because of your “super” abilities, you are completely safe and sound in this new environment you find yourself in. It’s like a deep meditation but you’re conscious that you’re flying through space.

You might even stop and just float. Just take it all in as you turn every which way and observe the universe we all live in.

Your location in space affects how you see the layout of the universe. So if you point at a star, the star is there only if you’re finger is also where you are.

If you are somewhere else, your finger would be somewhere else (presumably) and the star would be somewhere else too.

In a way, whenever you move, the universe moves too.

Space can get lonely. So you probably want to invite a friend.

Since this whole thing is just hosted in our imagination, we can invite any friend we want. So your friend could be whoever you enjoy being the most with. From school, work, a pet.

You decide on who you want to invite to space with you and as soon as they receive the telegram, they’ll fly out to see you.

Here we can conceptualize three coordinates of reality. Every object in the universe posses these three qualities: relativity, objectivity and subjectivity.

You are a subject. Your friend is a subject. But only insofar as the Universe allows you be defined as a subject.

Both you and your friend are defined as subjects and objects within the universe.

The “Universe” in a way “defined” you.

This is an awkward way to talk because usually a definition comes from a conscious effort. And so we might say that the “Universe” consciously defined us. But this is wrong to say.

For example, lets say you work out and you get “muscle definition.” The way the Universe works, your actions causes something to happen to your muscles and these muscles reacted in a certain way. That particularly certain way your muscles reacted are defined within the confines of the Universe (the laws, the circumstances that these laws were realized, etc..

But you didn’t consciously defined your muscles by yourself. You reacted to the universe in such a way that allowed you to reach a moment in time where your consciousness directed the consequences of the universe.

In this sense, the rules and laws of the Universe cause “definitions” (in the without-conscious sense of definition). Your muscles aren’t conscious when they become muscular. They just react to their environment. And how they react is what defines them.

In your head there is a “conscious” environment and how it reacts is what defines this consciousness.

Obviously as a human you posses a consciousness that emerges from your genes before the thing you define as “you” have a reaction. You don’t have a say in this until it emerges and then you have a voice. Once you have a voice, you can define your voice. But there are things that come before you that you have to deal with. Your voice gives you some freedom in

Again, in the sense that we just talked about, we can say that the Universe (meaning the circumstances we find ourselves in with the rules and laws that exist within those circumstances) defined you and your friend as “objects.”

As “objects”, you’re constrained to your definition as defined by the Universe. This definition in theory describes your relationship within the Universe with everything else.

So you’re an object within the universe insofar as you hold a relationship with the universe.

On subjectivity, we ourselves can only define objects based on their relationship. And so how we get to know something is by how we relate to them. Our relationship with anything in the universe makes it a subject of our thought.

This is an important distinction because you can entertain the concept of “objects” but only insofar as you see them as a subject of something (mostly based on your personal relationship with the subject).

This “subject of something” is based on your senses and these senses, in part, make up your relationship with the subject in question.

Self-awareness is a subject (you) having a relationship with a subject (you).

Most of the time we have to see an object in within the dimension of time, so time is quickly a relevant dimension in all of our musings.

Other than time, we have 3 dimensional space. Our various senses are used to create depth and scope of these subjects that we also share time and space with in order to have a relationship with these objects in space and time.

So time and space as dimension can be regarded as a graph. And our place in that graph is approximated by our senses. Our senses come together to form “logos

Now logos can be reason/logic/word. And we might associate our thoughts with words because we have a relationship with the Universe and Reality via words but words are only vessels for logo.

Logo is beyond words. Don’t get distracted.

Going back to space, you tell your friend what stars you see and how far you traveled so that they can reach you. You tell them what you’re wearing so they can point you out (just in case they run into another super something just floating in space(?)).

Your friends consciousness changes and configures to reach the meaning that you intend so that they can in turn react to the Universe in such a way so that they consequences are that they end up next to you. So they react to the moment they find themselves in (as defined by the Universe) and act in such a way to re-define the Universe with them being next to you.

So they fly out from Earth and eventually their consciousness alters up until it registers that they’re next to you.

And this is your consciousness in a nutshell. Whenever you talk to someone, you rearrange your consciousness in such a way that your consciousness influences your actions, which in turn re-arrange the Universe so that the person you’re talking to reaches the same context and meaning that you’re trying to convey. Via their own change in consciousness.

Unless you’re an idiot and believe in predetermination. Like a moron.

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