Division and Wordless World

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readAug 29, 2020


Right at the moment of division, we want unity

A fork on the road

We want both to poke Earth with

Division before anything

Add, take away

Even multiplication is made short work of

Wanting to hug the other

Near them

Smell them

Visually they floated but to the touch

Gravity has made everything trivial, both bodies now mere toys

The heaviness sets in

You’re touching the other

Millions, billions of years

For atoms to clump together within a still mysterious dimension

of itself, themselves

One true substance, the one that touches all dimensions

Broken up as elements in an effort to move freely between harmony and discordance

In the longing for freedom, we eventually realized at the cost

We are no longer One.

In a moment that will possibly never be fully understood, the clumps of atoms turn to themselves in the other

The Embrace

Two bodies bonded by love & affection


Too long

It’s been too long with you on me

My body doesn’t like your body that much

Your mind and my body both float again

Again from an afar divide

Two bodies



Was the bond of worth?

Was it a nuclear reaction that tore us apart?

Did we learn anything?

Do we know now what we didn’t know before?

Is this the only investigation, the departure from mere floating speculation?

The unity

In the division, things are found





The division goes somewhere

For another body?

For its own body?

Division is movement

Wordless World:

Try to capture the wordless world

You miss every time

But every time you find comforting words

Reassure the words, turning them to dogma

Dogma turns to fear

The words no longer reassure but they linger

Grow stale, dull

Dull words reassure a dull world

Don’t seek the wordless world but rather the world of words

Meaningless, they offer no protection

Dull knives for a wordless world



Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce