Don’t Ask Me, I Just Work Here: On Accounting for Randomness in a ‘Pragmatica E Nihilo’ “Reality”

Part of me is Mos Def, part of me is Ma$e
So my jewelry be on, but my aura reek of sage
Positives and Black pride and all the shit I praise
Or hammers in the glove box that draw and then erase
Twenty on a bottle, so and so on a bird
One lead to the other, all that’s missing is words
Tell them word, the ills from up the hill that I was privy to
How it all be coded, but the scope in it be literal

  • Skyzoo
  • Don’t Ask Me, I Just Work Here —Epistemology inherently pragmatic, the work determines the knowledge. The herd’s cohesion comes from function. Definition are correlated with results, results are dogmatically inseparable from their cause. Ask me and I’ll tell you but what I will tell you is of no use.
  • Pragmatica E Nihilo — Brain in a vat, the past is unknowable. Only discoverable. As the past is discovered, so is our future. Directions oriented and motivated by the function of our self-conscious that evolved to always sense an epistemic accomplishment of doing something so as to be situated within that something so as to give meaning to being situated at all.