Factless World and The World of Interpretation

Facts are dangerous because of the political weight they carry. Anything can be interpreted but facts are needed to coordinate allegiance. If we didn’t have to worry about allegiances as a gatekeeper for our safety, we would need less facts; as open interpretation in place of facts serves the same function but without the need of coordinates. A wink and a nudge open doors in only a corrupt world.

We can centralize authority to automate vital functions. Maintain food availability, health resources, access to information. In an even playing field, what we think matters more to ourselves

Return of investment — belongs transparently to the state. Mind washed traditionalists will say it starts in the family but this is unsustainable. The family is a filter that grows into oligarchy. Those in power and with say support it because it supports their aspirations. To be an oligarch and open doors with winks and nudges. The oligarchless State treats all citizens with care and love.

Whether you struggle with seriousness or with humor, the tension is real. Like a guitar being judged beautiful or not based on whether the player can play it or not. Missing the forest for the trees, missing God for the individual.

An tuned society has a central state and all citizens should be brought up to be able to play the state to its most beautiful conception. A state that provides access so that any individual can maintain certain dignity will stand as tall from any beginning. Failure will crumble the floor as soon as its limit/capacity is reached. The eternal or without limit, the same coin, is potential.

In an oligarchy, we don’t see our neighbors when we look at a stranger. We have to catch a scent of them to see what their allegiance is. We have to limit them before we are allowed to care for them. Machiavellian playbooks are used and practiced.

In a dogma-less iteration, nothing but strangers greet each other and see how deep they are without familiarity. Another human. The same as the ones within the oligarchy. Without loyalty or allegiance. Why is loyalty and allegiance necessary other than for already solved biological necessity? Without need for allegiance or loyalty, how do we need to understand the other human? If any trace of oligarch’s exist, the game is closed off and the rules are set. Without the oligarchs, each human owes the other human a bare answer to any curiosity. Penance for the opportunity to live in an oligarchless society. In baring answer, the answer may be offensive. But if it’s sincere, it’s constructive enough to maintain the state strong.

The state, being able to provide enough for any human to realize a certain dignity, would also provide an education that embeds a certain love and attraction to science. This will curb offense as both the speaker and the listener would be able to decipher each other in the most constructive ways possible. Feeding back to a nourished state. Offenses will be curbed as the state works to maintain the dignity of all evolved. In a way that keeps elevating dignity and improving society in its open interpretation.