Folksy Philosophy

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readApr 30, 2024


The war does not appear to want a folk-consciousness… it wants a machine of many separate parts, not oneness, but a complexity…. Yet who can presume to say what the War wants, so vast and aloof is it… so absentee. Perhaps the War isn’t even an awareness — not a life at all, really. There may only be some cruel, accidental resemblance to life.

  • Thomas Pynchon

Consciousness is spirit as a concrete knowing…

  • Wilhelm Hegel

There is no such thing. Or rather, its existence is trivial. Not worthy of an identity or name. Just a recognition of murmur in the background. White noise, an unscramable message from the ether. A negation of what is. A proxy between man and beast.

A monstrosity put together by the left over parts of true philosophy. Of intellects with no need of conspiracy, capacity, abilities.

O woes, the victim has gained self-awareness and now thinks its owed sympathy and a medal. Decency and respect. A recognition of powerlessness, coming out with two hands up. Humble and beguiling.

True humility would be to stay quiet and recognize the futility of trying to have a folk uprising. Any success would result in the same cycle. The victory would only be sweet to some. Someness creating a scarcity, only some are privileged to it.

Scarcity leading to funnel. Where again the folks will appear on the broad end, only rearranged, defined by not being part of the some to taste the sweetness.

Thus the thought that. Sadistic cynics rule the world. And that any true philosophy should not be free of conspiracy and paranoia. They know.

Learning to trust is just for children in school

Allowing for one or the other, or oddly the possibility of more.

Compulsion? Who is not compelled?!

But damned if we don’t have to admit, language started without letters, or alphabets. Morality started without axioms or commandments. Farming and medicine started without the atom. All these after the folks were kind enough to create them. After creation, we came and won. Creation was only given meaning after consideration.

And thus the inconsiderate folks, unrefined, uncritical, are only exhaust, remains, the already dead. And don’t need to be considered or empathized. Their philosophy can be trivialized.



Betsy Calabaza

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