From afar

The immediate, undenialability of reality

Pushes against a non-resisting element

Defined by a persistent defiance

A defiance made real by an imaginary creation

Of what non-resistance should be

The immediateness becomes a piece of glass lost at sea

In angles, the interruption of the glass creates conspiracies

Behind the immediate there is intention

Intention reveals a predestinated relation between

The immediateness and the angles that create a gap

In what is already known

The conspiracy turns into a wine tasting

The interpretations swish then swash then is sput out

For the next

In the while, the immediateness does not relent

Always there

We ask if our conspiracies amount to anything

Or if there no thing that conspires others than our interpretations



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Betsy Calabaza

Betsy Calabaza


blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce