Let It Be: On Living Alongside a Genocide That Doesn’t Involve You

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readJan 21, 2022


Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be

  • The stupid fucking Beatles

First of all, we don’t know enough about it to comment on it. It’s not our preoccupation. We have other things to worry about. Right?

Second of all, it’s not our problem. The biggest thing we have to do is just overlook the genocide.

Third of all, instead of looking for ethical issues that don’t concern us, we can capitalize on the genocide. Profit from something that is, otherwise, not consequential at all.

Thus the question boils down to: what do we do with these pathetic people that will perish without our intervention and who should not expect our intervention?

The easy question is to ignore them. The ethical question is how do we profit from them without getting our hands dirty. Throw you hands in the air if you like to make a quick buck without getting caught! Ayyyyy!

Section 2: On Playing Dumb When the Weak Cry

You’re walking down the sidewalk. In your mind, are your problem. But the happenstance is that your problems are “first world.” You don’t know what to do with your second property. You have to find a new nanny for the kid. The contract disputes are getting close to deadlines and you don’t know whether to invest on the project fully or wait for the contract to be signed.

Your problems don’t involve: homelessness, tooth decay, food security. And why should your problem involve any of that? You got money. Fuck them other people. But it’s mean to say fuck’em so we play ignorant. Now that’s class.

How, however, do reach the elusive and exclusive “fine class?” Well, for that we need not only a playing of the dumbs. We need rhetorical devices to place the blame of the problems on the people experiencing them.

From their own volition they suffer. They didn’t follow the easy steps to success. Which are mainly playing dumb and ignoring the cries of the cannot and have not. If they would have just played dumb instead of actually being dumb, they would have the luxuries that we privileged possess. By being dumb, we mean that they took us for our words.

Section 3: The Holy Difference: On Why the Wicked are not Blessed



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