Localized Epistemology: Is that all there is?

Is all there is just your conception of Reality at this very moment? You read these letters and instantly your awareness is filled with certainty from past iterations of experience. Iterations where you learned who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. As you read this and reach certainty, all the backdrop is as relevant as whatever is in the forefront (these words). The forefront becomes a potential resources for establishing values that thematically go with the backdrop.

These words greet you with warmth and smiles, hugs and embrace. But those are only the intentions behind them. You greet them with skepticism. The epistemology hasn’t been localized to your own bias. It doesn’t make sense until processed and inoculated. Protecting dogma becomes a puzzle against any new information.

The guys that are not good or bad are made one or the other (indifference goes in the bad category). The intention makes the reader into an author. The words gain significance. A threat is seen and the warm embrace is seen as a tactical attack. Experience becomes a challenge. We give value to experience based on past iterations to give us a sense of direction. What can we do with experience? Experience becomes a resource for its own sake.

We may not see experience for its own sake. We revert back to dogma. My mom, my dog, my car. Regardless of experience, my actions must direct experience towards a dogmatic belief I have within myself that results in my mom, dog, and car being in better conditions than you. You’re worthless to me.

A question presents itself. Can experience as a resource be optimized for our individual wants in an organized affront? Our own dogma is already an affront to experience. But can there be a discordant organization that ensures everyone’s best interest that neuters localized epistemology? Neutering localized epistemology means freeing it for creativity and improvement without fear that the dogma we depend on is diminished in any way.

Or must all information be vetted by the individual with no dependence on an established state?

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce