Lying within Society’s Epistemic Economy

Pete beat so neat, not a stitch out of place

I reach back to streets and got a brick out the safe

Ran a snitch out the state, not a glitch in our make

We gon drop your favorite rapper where we fish by the lake

My shit is abstract and random, I clap back in tandem

I had held 100 ratchets, yo, its facts, then I blam’em

  • Flee Lord

We can imagine any society or culture, sub-culture as being a process.

As a process, it has a foundation. As an imagining, the foundation is a state of being.

The Sun persists within a state of being that allows us to exist. We exist because the Sun is part of a process and the process itself provides a platform.

We can abstractly say that the process is like a Spirit blooming.

The universal Spirit blooms and as evidence we have our own blooms that reappropriate existence as an individual thing insofar as the individual thing relates to a society it came from and imagines the enterprise as subjective.

All this is primordial ooze getting ready to transform into logic. As soon as we form the identities and their relationship, the platform for logic, its being, is available to play with.

Thus you grow up forming instinctual relationships (given->received, ad infinitum) that forms the basis of our “identity.”

Capitalism makes identity abstract and free flowing because it creates the platform for being for you. The process, our actions, feeding off capitalism becomes a synthetic, inorganic process based on the egoism that fuels it.

Going back to the sub-cultures. The way the inorganic ego survives is creating an alternative to being that is sustainable within the environment it finds itself in. Sustainable in this case refers to a communal myth or a cultural rhythm that moves masses of people in synchrony with the objective process of Spirit. This movement of the people is not friends with the Spirit. The Spirit is doing its own thing. It was here first. The egoists, however, subjectively prefer the alternative platform they’ve created. They maintain this platform by abiding/recognizing certain necessities to keep the rhythm going; regardless of the repercussions. The orchestra modulates as people join and leave but also as the Spirit changes unexpectedly.

The orchestra follows the Spirit until it loses itself in its own Spirit. It’s remembered when the indifferent Spirit lets its primacy known. Until then, the orchestra chases the melody it seeks. In the noise that it creates within the attempt, the stage is set for dancing. The music comes out of the confusion and chases the confusion away. Relationships are formed. Correlation is made. The dancers put the process in motion. Truth is being renewed; relative to the survival of the rhythm rather than the acknowledgement of any objective relationship.

Before we get lost in the rhythm again and get bogged down by truth, lets not forget what remains and persists outside of truth; that which is ignored by the Will. The lies cover it up. The acceptable lies. The falsities that keep the rhythm going.

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce