Make Me

Betsy Calabaza
1 min readOct 16, 2022

It’s the sign of an advanced civilization to flaunt both restraint (eg pretense) and an open mind for wandering (eg ignorance).

Not being one, our civilization signals advanced intelligence by dissimulating (from Brqn Spanish disimular). We wander with pretense; or we ignore with restraints. We act and hide in order to explore.

Hiding and acting in front of others leads to conspiracies. Some hiding spots, then, are shared. We act like we don’t know together, but we can never wander as one. There is a breaking point that tears everything apart.

Pragmatism — Our actions lead to a point of make or break. A test. I’m testing you. To see if you pass my expectations, and thus validate my pretense.

If you don’t validate my pretense, you are not validated. You’re alone or a lone. Whatever you are, you are only made of wander.

To be validated or seek validation is coercive. Not in any mean spirited or good natured way. Just in a way of objective consquences. To be validated is to go through coercion. It’s to be forged into something, into being.

The sign of an advanced civilization is to be made, forged through wanderment without restraint, through pretense without ignorance.



Betsy Calabaza

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