Mataron Al Negro Bembon: On Austrian Economics

Betsy Calabaza
1 min readAug 17, 2022


Hoy se llora noche y día, porque al negrito bembón
Todo el mundo lo quería

  • Ismael Rivera

So you take the ego and put it on a scale. You judge this ego on an objective metric.

We call Bob Dylan a genius in such scenarios. An ego put on a scale greater than all others. And this measure may be true.

We then remove the metric and put Bob Dylan in context of a complex system webbed through correlation.

The ego is not measured by an objective scale. The ego is measured by its relation to its surroundings.

The influences build a mosaic.

A few years earlier, and Bob Dylan would have been a myth. Like the authors of House of the Rising Song. The songs of Dylan would have lived forever but without origin. He came along at a time where records were kept.

Thus the value of Bob Dylan can exist as an individual on a scale or as an individual defined by a complex system of relations.



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