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  • Lloyd Banks

What makes math so respectable in contrast to philosophy is that, there, term and functions are non-existential. It’s so much more easier to respect things that don’t exist.

The concept of addition. Simple, elegant, brilliant, and you would never suspect we reached and maintain this high and noble concept by death and destruction.

Through addition we reach even more complex brilliance, like a princess cut. We learn that we can simplify Reality into binary transition. From here we get a diverting theory of classics mechanics and quantum theory.

From the mechanical process, we learn of “limits” and universal regulation by relative energy enthropizing towards nothingness.

In this struggle between active process and oblivion, we draw the line in agreement. Math being the most uncontroversial one. Compared to one of the most contempted ones, such as proper grammar, and grade school bullies, math is serene and sublime.

The wretched philosophy that plagued the ununderstandable deceptively lured in the most brilliant towards oblivion. In the growth towards the most advanced society humanity has ever witnessed, the awareness of terminal maturation is made evident by the appearance of an oblivious event horizon.

The intelligibility of Reality reaches a practical end. The continuation of intelligibility is doomed to extinction based on its dependance on dogma.

The undogmatization of Reality means to re-asses the intelligibility of awareness relative to the behavior of energy within our inhabitation of Reality; Reality marked by its reaction to our intellectualization.

We can only change how we intellect and gauge its binaric metrics by its reaction to our intellectualization.

Note: Division: one set subtracted each iteration

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce