On the Epistemological Implications of Snitches and Feds

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Let’s say we gone practice philosophy. We first start with an emerging evidence of knowledge. Knowledge is sort of a direction within existence.

We may not realize we are headed anywhere when we first start to practice philosophy. Eventually the questions become too demanding and we begin to reconsider, re-evaluate, see things differently.

Some of the steps we took can be re-taken in a different manner that results in a greater appreciation of our practice of philosophy. We willingly succumb to a re-organization of the emergence we first started with.

The emergence is metaphysical. Meaning that the emergence comes into existence before our actions. The evidence, embedded within action, is there as unapproachable shadows. We can approximate the evidence with the epistemology that comes from them (our ability to “think” about it). Our processing of that epistemology moves us in directions that trace the shadows.

Philosophy itself was a shadow until we approximated it with the terms we use now to conjure its spirit into our physical realm.

The terms, actions, taint the emergence so that we move in a direction that tracks the movements of our beliefs. The emergence of our beliefs are “objectified” with terminology to become beliefs that evaluate themselves in an attempt to arrive somewhere.

We’re led to the believe that the destination is metaphysical. Meaning the destination’s relation to the physical world is only as relevant as our ability to “process” it. Our ability to process the emergence of epistemology is what defines as as physical, social, political creatures.

Our conditioned responses to the world, our ability to re-evaluate our preconceived notions, and our character in the face of deciding a direction is, then, defined, not in a vacuum, but in every moment of existence in which we can say to have a grasp within an epistemological plane whereas to be able to move using our action of understanding.

In predicting the actions of others we add ungraspable shadows to the terrain we exist in. Moving through these social and political situations become a matter of reading standardized rules that forces others to move within a range of directions that reaffirm your safety. Your duty then becomes to the rules and maintaining/refereeing the rules that maintain your safety.

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