This ain’t luck, bitch, this brick’s weighed up, bitch
Them ni**as ain’t us, bitch

  • Stove God Cooks

Wikipedia did some slimy shit and said that purpose is a mental thing. As if a human-made satellite has purpose but an asteroid has none merely because the human-made satellite was created by our mental powers and the asteroid is just part of nature with no consciousness.

Can non living things serve a purpose? What of the dead that continue influencing our lives? Or the dead that somehow played a genetic role in structure of our very DNA? Does purpose not exit until a mind can create purpose?

If purpose is a mental thing, what happens when we fail to live to our expectations? When we fail a purpose, what is there? Just the default backdrop of nature that hosts our ability to create purpose? Does the default backdrop play a role in what purpose is? For example, a bird can create a purpose inspired by flight in ways humans can’t create purpose. So not all purpose is created equally and purpose is contingent, depending on circumstances.

Then, are we, at any given time, defined in part as creators of the purpose that can be correlated with our ego’s topological transformation from one existential place in reality A to existential place in reality B?

Do we blame people for failing to have purpose? Can we accomplish a task without have purpose? For example, a depressed person is failing to keep up with their proper hygiene. This is negatively impacting their health. Can this depressed person start brushing their teeth regularly and flossing without purpose?

How do we ingrain purpose in others? How do we change our own purpose?

Purpose, it seems, can be subtle.

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