On Whether There is Meaning Outside Participation

I conquered, I came

Epistemology is a broad field centered around our approach towards knowledge. “Towards” is evident in how we experience “changes” in our understanding of knowledge. Understanding is active knowledge if we understand knowledge as a broad passive field centered around our “actual” approach towards knowledge.

A passive field is a fundamental dimension of reality. Like gravity is a passive field. It’s a passive field in that it contains us but we’re not aware of them. We can experience changes in them but cannot be aware of what they are insofar as they are forces that maintain us composed.

Thus our active knowledge or understanding can be talked about through self-awareness if we understand understanding as perpetually being a field of what composes us.

The detachment from active and passive composition can be understood as “experience.”

We experience a self-awareness of composition. We experience this self-awareness as an understanding that is inseparable from us. We can separate ourselves from our own understanding through a faith/love towards abstraction. To experience experience as an experience composed of different functioning parts requires a faith/love of an abstraction.

We can understand experience in political terms, religious, scientific, cultural, social, etc. To experience understanding philosophically, we understand experience in terms that doubt the experience in a way to cancel individual subjectivity so that experience experienced in philosophical terms understand a greater part of knowledge as a passive field.

To make the jump from knowledge to understanding, we need aesthetics. A driving force towards something. Called beauty, the all good, the hunger that drives invertebrates and vertebrates alike.

To go from knowledge to active knowledge is to understand our appreciation of terms via an objective aesthetic within us understood through a subjective interpretation of epistemology, metaphysics, logic and ethics to reach an understanding of our subjective aesthetic.

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce