Polite Irony

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readDec 14, 2022

Trigger Warning: Pragmatism, Panpsychism

Meaning is a bitch.

Creating a sphere of influence where a structure emerges and gives context to every other element that makes up the sphere is the beginning of every system of analysis. The most abstract of which is mathematics.

Philosophy, echoing the break of the sphere in Plato’s allegory, tempts us to enter a field of meaning with little context, but more individual, direct influence.

Paradoxically, this individual experience is more self-less. Relationally associated with Buddhist thought, egodeath, etc. Our self’s value emerges from contextualization we must first endorse, which in retrospect feedsback values of a self.

Breaking from this cave of meaning, we exist in a limbo of sorts.

The limbo exist within an objective reality. Neither of us created this womb we’re in, but we all come out having lived.

It’s easy to see the break once we compare this “having lived” to mathematical equal sign. Something happens and from this we get a result. Thus works math, phsyics, chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology, individual thought.

Afterall, however, meaning lingers. Possibility rests outside the equal sign that says, this isn’t the final result. It’s merely an experience of a sphere.

What does it mean to exist within the sphere knowing there are many other spheres and some existences which do not need a sphere?

Tolerance of others, for example. Not understanding other selves but acknowledging their existence?

A tension of irony emits from every conclusion. Our conclusion is contingent on accepted meaning and any other meaning is a threat.

We should do our best to ignore them, dissimulate, pretend we don’t let them impact our own conclusion. The tenion will be resolved by whatever objectivity keeps us together, whatever that objectivity may be.



Betsy Calabaza

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