Fuck the critic, I won’t fetch an image

I get it, but your opinion don’t get a percentage

I’m winning, from trap stories on pennants

We can take it there, from start to finish

They love I keep it authentic

  • Jamal Gasol

They think you told cause you ain’t show them papers from your cases

  • Jamal Gasol

All things considered, it was real for a minute

  • DMX

Politics — Set of activities associated with power relations and decision-making

The theoretical kind of epistemology is called art. The epistemology we can talk about, the practical kind, is called politics.

Art invites the individual to practice politics. To the degree this can be achieved, we say the individual is autonomous.

If we consider politics as a fundamental drive in the universe, then we free ourselves in art by being political. Like a Chinese finger trap, freedom is achieved by acting on the bondage through passivity.

The bondage inherent in our existence is found in the political nature of consequences. We are the result of an action. An action determined by politics.

The same action binds us to an understanding. An experience associated with abstract epistemology. Epistemology is like a car that allows us to move faster than the road. We find a grounding in the binding that, while we are being bounded, allows us to move around. The moving is done by theorizing, applying formulas to experience, bracing for impact based the expectations created from our speculation.

Between the political and the art is the brute. A kid or an adult with beginner’s mind is lost to the epistemologically gifted. The kid or adult with shoshin is not being artful when they don’t know how to epistemologize. They don’t have autonomy within the experience compared to the master that knows. They master just thinks they’re dumb.

But this view of some people being dumb is itself political epistemology. If we continue with this view, we have to also entertain that there are no truths outside political truths. From ignorance or established knowledge, each measurable experience is raw epistemology that can be used for artful or political speculation. All political speculation itself being a creation of art and all artful speculation trying to find political relevance.

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce