Pragmatic Struggle as Ideology

Within free flowing reason, understanding is encapsulated in timeless terminology anchored by dogma. Reiterative recollection allows the terminology to unlock further understanding. A mental reformulation traced by a correlated union with everything around. The union is maintained by the flow of reason. Terminology is measured in rhythmic scale against the flow. The tension between terminology and reason exists insofar as terminology exists within reason and reason exists in flow. Universal flow finds rhythm and from the rhythm of the solar system came us. When we can’t make sense of terminology and rhythm becomes discordant, our understanding becomes irrelevant. In confusion reason follows but we encounter lack of understanding. A deficiency in expectation results in discordant rhythm. Pretense is a pseudo-tension where dogmatic foundations maintain a rhythm for the sake of the rhythms predictive nature. An allegiance to this dogma promises consistent lack of discordance at the expense of loyalty to the rhythm. It’s a pseudo-tension in that it’s not a necessary tension with the flow of reason. It’s a tension we can change by our action. Our tension of understanding is shaped by our experience and expectations. Our understanding is shaped by two sides. One side is the past, where everything has happened already objectively, and the future that holds open possibilities. Since the future is uncertain, any tension with it must be made by assumptions. Assumptions can be changed and this is where the pseudo-tension comes into being. Understanding, insofar as it requires our recognition of dogma (a set beliefs on how to interpret what has happened and determine what must happen from here) also asks us loyalty in any given situation. Loyalty in upholding the pseudo-tension for everyone else participating in the rhythm. An outsider that cannot maintain rhythm or can maintain it at their own steps follows a different set of dogma. Union in the outsider and the insider is measured by their ability to continue rhythm. Regardless if they serve two different foundations, their rhythmic tension equally depends on free flowing reason. A retention of dogma that grows stale collapses at any rhythmic mis-step, failure to hit the right key, failure to account for the flow of reason.

From the ocean we came, encapsulating the ocean in the womb to walk free from it. Carrying the water of life within. Flowing with the stream of reality, the stream of reason. Stringent ceremonial expectation keep tension free from wild creativity, a struggle follows between exploration and duty, social responsibility. Can society open again and let ruminations? No, dogmatic tension make us feel safe and righteous. The same tension that kept us in the ocean is only broken by a leap from previous relations. A free fall from expectation breaks the rhythm and introduces awkwardness. From awkwardness as a primordial ooze rhythm finds itself again. Unintelligible acts become responsive, responses hold promises, promises solidify acts as part of a grandeur scheme. Failure to meet expectations kills the rhythm for the hope of a new dance.

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce