Previous Knowledge, Local Epistemology and Rebirth: On Marching On

“Previous Knowledge” is a radical futurist term meaning that if you bring to the table some shrouded, ethnic mystery attached to old mysticism, then it’s called “Previous Knowledge.”

Previous Knowledge isn’t special, magical, or powerful in itself.

The power of Previous Knowledge is epistemologically tied to “Local Epistemology.”

“Local Epistemology” is a functional phenomena of theory associated with sentient and cognizant creatures insofar as these creatures exist a moment of time. The moment of time coming to live via the relationship it finds.

“Relationships” are functional cogs. It’s like the plus sign in math but “Relationships” is even more abstract in its significance.

The plus sign says “the significance of these two numbers relating is that they become one number ‘together.’” The “Relationship” function says “the significance of these two numbers relating is that they relate to the moment of time.”

When talking about the relationship of “knowledge” and its relationship to the moment in time, it’s easy to become dogmatic. Using previous iterations to create universalized expectations is to act in such a way so that your relationship with the moment in time established the same relationships that existed before.

For example, when penicillin was discovered by accident, the observers saw the significance of the penicillin as a consequence to a petri dish. The observers then re-iterated the incident by re-creating the circumstances and establishing an Ockham-approved description of the relationships that establish the significance of penicillin in such a way that penicillin is seen as a tool to have in certain circumstances in order to re-create the effects of penicillin.

Now, the observers didn’t say “Well, when the penicillin worked, there were more children in dangerous working conditions. So we need children to exist in dangerous working conditions for penicillin to work.” But dogmatic Previous Knowledge sometimes does sound like that.

Local Epistemology is about the value of knowledge as it exists in its locality. Non-dogma Previous Knowledge is previous knowledge that is use to re-create the moment of time with a better functioning Local Epistemology.

Fuck the ones before. May their history be of use.

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce