Self Reflection and Teleological Consequence

Betsy Calabaza
Sep 10, 2023

A self representation

Exposed in words

Draping a being

On its edges

On its claims

Casting a shadow of nothingness

Absence due to a defeating presence

A presence marking its claims with words

Becomes the thoughts of another

A self reflection framed for others to look in

An infinite loop in the mirrors facing each other

The self reflection of another exposing an eternal principle

Going back to the beginning

The way these words move as they grip

First from the seed of meaning

Towards its significance, which alters the meaning towards other significance

The way a pod is called a pine cone before it matures

The conclusion, if known, through verifiable patterns, expectations set by wisdom, will move towards its own end

Without coercion nor force

Consequences of its own accord

In agreement with our own if



Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce