Tirame con to’ que yo lo aguanto
No le prendo vela a ningun santo

  • Yendry

Everyone in line started laughing at me, especially the bad hoes.

  • Neo-Americana Anecdote

On some gangster shit, qualifying the context to social pressure, if you’re labelled a liar it doesn’t mean you’re telling a lie in this moment. You could be telling the truth. But you can’t be trusted. Thus, even if you’re telling the truth, you’re a liar and unreliable. Like a boy crying wolf where no wolf roams.

And even if you’re telling a valuable truth, if the social pressure can exist without using you as a reference, your truth is irrelevant. How can truth be irrelevant? What is irrelevant truth compared to lies?

Moreover, what are truths that turn out to be less valuable than lies? Lies that prop up the gangster shit to another level. Instead of running a block, you can hijack an entire country with subliminal, divisive racist lies that put your people on top.

When we confront the truths of living in lie but in comfort, what does it mean to relevatize a truth back into reality? What does it mean to live your truth in the face of adversaries?

On some Jesus shit, forgive’em father for they know not. What does it mean to know when it doesn’t matter? What does it mean not the know the right people to get your foot in the door? Do lies speak louder than truth always or only if the lie is convenient? What makes for a convenient truth?

Is each play first an evaluation of what moves are possible? Following a filter dividing the possible moves between smart moves and dumb moves? And of the smart moves, the ones we’re more likely to validate with our teleologically-infused participation (that is, when our intention comes to being formed) are what? By the ones that maximize our own return of investment? Does that reduce our actions to capitalistic axioms?

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