The Gadfly As a Keystone for Social Change

If dogma fails to evolve, it becomes fatalistic for the believer. If dogma evolves, the believer evolves.

Failing to evolve, the truths of dogma fade and dogma finds itself low in resources. The death curve takes society towards a spiraling dive.

Evolving dogma involves new truths. Practically what this means is that we, as conscious beings, conscious of our beliefs, change our beliefs.

This experience of change is like an acquiring of a new taste. It’s an aesthetic evaluation we have to go against. Our “default” worldview is found to be rooted in inadequacy. A more fit worldview is found, but to get to it, we have to go against our conditioning long enough to for our beliefs to be rewired and re-defaulted.

The difficulty in changing dogmas is that part of dogma is that it’s indiscernible from our own physical being. Dogma are beliefs that are correlated with our existential definition of who we are.

To go through the molting, we have to separate ourselves from ourselves. Moreover, as social creatures, our separation includes a removal from others. The pain is great to feel like you’re doing harm to yourself and others just by believing something that you think is better.

From Anansi to Socrates, fuck you

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