The Possibility of Creation as Ahistorical: On the illogical aspects of Dogma, Eugenics, and Ethno-based Xenophobia and their Dependence on “History”

Betsy Calabaza
1 min readDec 28, 2022

As an example, the possibility of science before it becomes propaganda

A discovery can mean a scientist becomes a household name, gains respects from all peers, earns and is ensured a comfortable income for the rest of their lives

The hunger for this may tempt the scientist to act unethically against the mores of science

Or Republicans in the US that crave authority above all and must bring into question the legitimacy of science, a field with unique authority, to enshrine their own judgments above all

The idea of science as ahistorical means that its beliefs, theories and hypothesis can change in any moment because we can possibly discover better beliefs, theories and hypothesis

Creation as historical can only exist with dogma. Humans having a tendency to tie their dogma to their genetics, divide into tribes, vilify their neighbors until their neighbors are regarded as nothing but worthless vermin

The idea, then, is to extend all creation as if it were scientific in nature (cf pragmaticism, panpsychism, &c)

Creation as ahistorical, a framed artistic expression meant to be reinterpreted ad infinitum



Betsy Calabaza

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