The world’s a stage, each move is a play: On A Functional Reality

Betsy Calabaza
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Alt title: A Nietzsche in Skinny Jeans: On Making Plays, Doing Moves and Serving Yourself a Plate🧖🏽‍♂️🧖🏽‍♂️

The beginning gives meaning to the end.

The worlds a stage — Any sense of reality, including our self-awareness, is a meaning subject to a context. A mental ability we have is to grasp the concept of context as complex domains. We first learn to speak incidentally. Then we learn to contextualize our words based on a domain of alphabets. From the alphabet, we gain the domain of written words, grammar. This keeps growing towards other domains such literature and narratives.

Domains being context that form boundaries based on identities but are identities based on context.

Ironically, this leads to the domain of “intellectual conclusions.” Which are identities of conclusions based on an activity of intellectuality (or critical thinking). From a sense (meaning) of reality of being confident in the subject that is the self, we reach an intellectual conclusion that our thoughts are somehow functions based on a continuous production of reality.

This production of reality is understood (understanding being (production) a by-product of reality) by whatever domains we wish to incorporate into a production of self-awareness. A self-awareness is a by-product of a movement we identify as an object unto itself that relates itself to its surrounding based on its autonomy. The autonomy is measured as part of the self-awareness (eg confidence breeds confidence). Somehow the production of self-awareness and understanding contextualizes itself as a subject defined by its own input into reality as its input directly correlates with a feedback loop of experience which are of a dimension not directly understood but by metaphor. That is, feeling. What it means to feel.

If you’re reading this, it’s beyond a primate innateness to feel. The same way our eyes see; there’s a reception of function based on inter-correlation within a contradicting production based on a function of cause and effect (eg did the chicken or egg come first).

Cause and effect are itself understood as a grey area where a lot of the causes are outside our control but the effects of these causes seem as tools for our own causes as our feeling are caused into existence and are part of the self-awareness, but the self-awareness goes on to use the feelings as domains for producing itself. The feelings never divide from themselves but the self-awareness divides them. This is where the question of true autonomy comes into question. Whether the production of our self-awareness somehow contributes to an autonomous movement of a subject that comes into existence as a production of a production. And whether, being the production of a production, it can or cannot produce anything that produces a production that is the production of everything.

This last sentence is an eternal recursion/ a möbius strip/ if/then loops in computer science and formal logic. An eternal recursion in this case is understood as a product of our self-awareness our self-awareness itself wants or it cannot help but experience. The self-awareness produces a self-awareness of what it can safely say are its limits. Even if the self-awareness itself can experience infinite circumstances, it produces an identity boarded up by limited context. This identity is paradoxical because it’s based on a recursion; a beginning followed by an end that welcomes the beginning.

The identity bases its own identity relative to what it’s able to produce and what it’s willing to produce. The division of the eternal recursion into a willed moment that measures itself in how it wills the next, divided moment.

On making plays — The domains are made up by various conclusions, but when it comes to making plays, the will determines what is what.

The rule books provide the context but the will determines who scores. Take your loses for what’s they’re worth, the wisdom they provide for the next play to be made, to be willed.

Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.

Towards pragmaticism.



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