This is your cue to exist: On Teleology out of Nothing

Alt Title: Within Without: A Spinoza Gone Wild🤟🏽👺🔮

Existence a reaction we have a part in reacting to.

How can there be a point B if there is no point A? Point B will have to be point A. How can we approach point B from point A if point A is point B?

How can we have a destination without an origin? How can we get our bearings without a stabilizing context and how can the stabilizing context be ourselves rather than a beginning? What does it mean for us to be the answers we search the meaning of?

I’m from the hood, stupid. What kind of facts are those?

Pettiness as a coordination short of idealized expectations, distracted by immediate satisfaction. Point B becomes a demanded point A based on bias, egotistical judgments.

Our encounter with directionless knowledge only makes sense when the knowledge gains a direction. The question is, is the direction/mapping of the knowledge an objective experience that we mold our subjectivity around? Or does our subjectivity impart its own direction on passive knowledge in an emulsifying triage “towards” objectivity?

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce