Through My Eyes Forever

Betsy Calabaza
Dec 15, 2023

But for me, all eternity is at stake

  • Kostelnička Buryjovka

All these miserable lives whose juices we absorb and make our own

Abjectively rejecting as not our own yet their the fourth wall

The first, second, third

They’re reality

Sartre’s hell

Escaping to another time, place, alternative understanding through literary refinement

Peaking and seeing, what is as something else

Not as we ourselves see

We delude ourselves of being these great authors

I am these evil too but against my will

I will be different

I’ll be seen through these refined lenses

I see through these refined lenses

Deep into psychology

Philosophical axioms that do not align

Philosophical axioms we’re trying to conjure

The measuring device that objectively creates the measurement

Through these objective eyes



Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce