Unboundedness: On the Practice of Philosophy

Plato’s cave exit is burrowed by doubt. The shackles that bound us to society’s standard are undone by not believing in them.

Not by ignoring them. This exit is carved out of critical doubt. The light outside the cave is reciprocal. The warming illumination comes from the origins of the doubt, the love of wisdom.

Loving wisdom, the mind follows principles of understanding rather than the contents.

Like digging a hole near shore and watching it fill with water, we dig holes in our understanding through doubt and watch it fill with undogmatic experience. The experience of experience without dogma is a creative experiment.

The results are tainted by our participation. A disciplined participation can create results without dogma; an experience of the hole without experience.

Experiencing the hole, the algorithm is exposed. How the hole functions to fill itself. How the content fills the hole with itself. How the hole and the contents are one experience.

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce