Unkind Words: Why can’t I hate you?

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readFeb 18, 2024

Why can’t I hate you?!

  • Patrice O’neal

Preface: I googled the subtitle to make sure it linked to Patrice O’Neal but it cites some *****y trope about a character’s want to hate but not being able to because of inner turmoil. This is somewhat similar but the turmoil doesn’t come from lack of will but from a society that doesn’t allow oneself to express the hate in their heart. RIP Patrice. You *** ***k.

There’s in the current zeitgeist an axiom that will remain until exhausted

That says if we don’t allow the hate to fester, it will eventually dissipate

And all that remain will be love and positivity

My money is on hate never dissipating. On the hate remaining. On the hate persisting. On hate winning.

And my money is on it, not because I’m good with money (I’m as good at it as I am with commas), but because I want hate to win.

I want my hate to be validated.

I hate racism and inequality. But my hate for it will not conquer it. Neither will my ignorance of it.

What will conquer is persistence, grit, dedication, a backbone, moxie.

And so my persistence of hate will persevere.

And thus I hate.

Shared missed memories — garf to know you

Decisions made — making theory trivial

Dances of fools outlasting

the brilliance of breakthroughs

Drums beating until the hot goes to sleep


Making pragmatism

Decisions making the subjective objective

Decisions marking the beat for the next movement

The next genre

There’s no set playlist

No set songs


Press all the buttons, make all the noise



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