What has my hunger become?

Right off the bat the metaphor presents itself. Or maybe it’s a reciprocal validating by-product of how I landed on the title in the first place. And that last sentence is a digestive end to my own psychological hunger. But enough with speculation.

A vegan/vegetarian can induce the principles of pragmatism™ to say the function of our hunger is an integral part of the cycles that keep our universe stable. We must feed to keep the stability. In this particular example, losing the stability means starving ourselves until our hunger is no longer a winding force towards the future.

Yet, as we keep consuming, our hunger keeps being relevant as towards where we go. Our existential self will, in part, be determined by our hunger in whatever foreseeable future we want to speculate on.

It’s a passive factor that we may not even think about. Which is why the vegan/vegetarian angle is so valid. The vegan/vegetarian re-contextualization of the issue re-arranges the obvious questions so that instead of asking medium or rare, we’re considering the repercussion of what we eat.

Even if we consciously and effortful choose to consume meat, do we have to eat the meat that supports unethical, moral-less business practices that turn meat into a mere commodity rather than living bundles of nerves with the capacity to measure conscious quality in its own right?

But my title uses hunger is an abstract sense. So it’s not that line of thinking that got me started, although it is. It’s the hunger we choose to satisfy our ego.

Our ego has to experience certain validating satisfaction to keep their hunger alive.

Biologically, we can compare this to having an innate hunger for our usual diet as of this moment in time. Then can imagine, knowing how the body works, changing our hunger via different/varying lifestyle changes.

But egotistically, how can we change our psychological hunger?

First, we don’t mean to change all our hungers. We have a resting hunger for these words and once our eyes consume them, we validate those words with previous meaning (dogma).

Let’s imagine, however, that we listen to slang/an accent/a dialect that doesn’t belong to our expectation. We call the dialect ghetto/poor/inferior. Or do we? Not necessarily. We can recognize unexpected grammar as something we ourselves have to adjust our hunger to.

When we want to feel like we belong, do we have to change the social dynamics to feel superior? Just because our particular consciousness has a hunger to feel satisfied only when a hunger for superiority has been checked? Can we change our hunger to be more humble?

But does this humility cause our hunger to make us vulnerable to being eaten?

Greed creating a hunger that trivializes everything for the satisfaction of our individual experience.