Without Facts: Life Outside Function

Betsy Calabaza
2 min readNov 12, 2020

Awkwardness or ignorance, silence in front of function.

The tiger growls if you grow closer to its food. This is not critical thinking but it is respected.

The academic elite growls as you near their vocabulary. But why should we respect them? Are they guardians to some ultimate function that benefits us only if we stay ignorant? Or do they benefit from us and we don’t know it? What have they given to us to show their worth? The destruction of the world leaves much to be desired from those who profess wisdom. Or are they just impotent? In which case why laud them? Exposed and bare, the growl grows less threatening. Less to be respected.

In Nothingness, they devalue everyone around them to raise themselves up. Fortunate son and daughters playing the game with no sympathy for the ignored. Everyone feels the same and the rules can’t change. The game is in motion. We just have to stay in it.

Can we change our style of play? Can we forget first and then remember? Hesitation making room for building the tower of pretension. Falling back to old memories. Denying the possible now for what we can run back to. Running back to the destruction of the world. Fuck a new vocabulary? Forget yourself and experience new boundaries. Not the spineless, cowardly trips around the world. But re-creating what you are wherever you are. The destruction of relationships and familiarity, even family. For a language everyone can speak together. Who will say the first word?

When friendships are defined by social or political favors. When society creates safety nets from the manipulators and the psychos that wish to cement vocabulary in a zero sum game.

Intent reveals itself in shadows. How can you shed light on intent?

Does analysis always bring out truth or just the obstacles you place for yourself? Obstacles that existentially reaffirm what you thought before.. Analysis that conjures up spiritual dogma. Bread crumbs to find your way back. To where? To the embrace of your mother? The protection of your father?

Clutching your pearls, “this is not what I expected! Where am I?” Coercion places you back on path. Tension and strength acting against the currents of alternative history, raising the sails and claiming wind as yours. Scared and frightened running from possibility towards certainty. A surprising world be damned.



Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce