Compabilitism falls back on


The determinist argues

That his own argument

Precludes an awareness that can be made

Obtaining a quality

Whose role in the universe

In non-trivial

Free wheel means

Free will means

Not the talents, skills, instinctual advantage


It means that we’re defined by the obstacles we willingly choose to overcome

The ephemeral ego, always a smoke to fire already burned

In enraged by our pursuits

The story we tell of the obstacles

And our immersion with the obstacle that turns us into the concluding remarks of an equation, an objective fact, an exposed pattern

To be reinterpreted again by an ego made by its troubles



What is this memory that accompanies my experience

A unique moment in time tied to so many moments ago

The moments keep reoccuring

Each new recording produces a unique interpretation

Each unique experience tied to a unique interpretation

Haunted by memories



This was meant to be, even without your participation

A trivial element within meaning, meaningless excess

A witness of meaning meeting its validation

A spectator validating its own perspective

Quickly turning into a mirror reflecting

A continuity of its own capacity

To frame what is, what is meant

To question meaning, to question what is meant

To defy what is meant, to defy meaning

Nothing is meant otherwise than our expectations

Our own wants

Desires springing forth

Meeting its own destiny

Wanting meaning meant, meant from long ago

Meant from our now, regardless of from where

Nothing is meant, nothing despair

Without our participation to witness and reflect

The continuing endless capacity



Of essence, being dumb or being smart is trivially different from being


Being being be

How, then, do the smart perceive the dumb

They be, they are

Some are ours, others not

They not be, or rather, they be trivially, and thus all the same

As if they were not

Disregarded and discarded, for they are dumb while not being ours

Our dumb exist in the shade of, not indifferent intelligence, but our intelligence

Shielded from the sun, our dumb be without exposure to being dumb

Being dumb without our protection, these dumb are pathetic

Lacking the warming sympathy of our awareness

They exist undigested from our analysis, while our analysis factors them in

As long as they stay dumb

Their dumb can be infinite, but within acceptable expectations of our calculations

That’s what being dumb is



Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce