Alt title: Towards Spaces That Are Not There: On Existing Within Extrapolation

…there follows one corollary which itself deserves to be inscribed upon every wall of the city of philosophy: Do not block the way of inquiry.

With philosophy you got the epistemology, metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, ethics. …

The question presents itself: does awareness lends itself towards autonomy or pretension?

Is pretense a prison? Is autonomy a liberated awareness? What of awareness in either case. Of what consequence is a liberated awareness? Of what consequence is an imprisoned awareness?

Theoretically, I want to make a point you agree…

Alt title: A Nietzsche in Skinny Jeans: On Making Plays, Doing Moves and Serving Yourself a Plate🧖🏽‍♂️🧖🏽‍♂️

The beginning gives meaning to the end.

The worlds a stage — Any sense of reality, including our self-awareness, is a meaning subject to a context. A mental ability we have is to…

Word to immunity, and all that it do for me
’Cause double entendres seem to fit more suitably
They sold you a paradox, I duck those beautifully
Figured it’s worth it on the way out like duty free, truthfully
The price tag of what it took of me to get to me
The nerve of…

We start with the framework of philosophy. Most seriously considered methods have procedures for producing tainted results that will be made up of what the methods have uncovered (the tainting comes from the uncovering being an equal measurement of the final product but also the method; eg reverse engineering). …

Now that’s some bullshit.

I think first we start with Kant in establishing “power.” Power is a function. We relate function with results but results are not the end-all-be-all. Results are structured by action. Action is defined by results.

Theoretically, we can approach the existential functions that result in our…

Hundred thousandaires in the coupe to set the stage for
Scene set, play your role and bet your scene stretch

Studies have shown (I think; there’s like a 55% chance this shit is kinda accurate, like a 40% chance that it’s true) that humans that are able to communicate…

Starting in reverse, we start with the conclusion that our conclusion is the beginning of an understanding.

An understanding that has happened and the only “evidence” is a conclusion we start with. To change conclusions is to change an understanding.

How many kinds of understandings are there? The question has…

Alt Title: Within Without: A Spinoza Gone Wild🤟🏽👺🔮

Existence a reaction we have a part in reacting to.

How can there be a point B if there is no point A? Point B will have to be point A. …

Part of me is Mos Def, part of me is Ma$e
So my jewelry be on, but my aura reek of sage
Positives and Black pride and all the shit I praise
Or hammers in the glove box that draw and then erase
Twenty on a bottle, so and so on a bird
One lead…

Betsy Calabaza

blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce

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