Of essence, being dumb or being smart is trivially different from being


Being being be

How, then, do the smart perceive the dumb

They be, they are

Some are ours, others not

They not be, or rather, they be trivially, and thus all the same

As if they were not

Disregarded and discarded, for they are dumb while not being ours

Our dumb exist in the shade of, not indifferent intelligence, but our intelligence

Shielded from the sun, our dumb be without exposure to being dumb

Being dumb without our protection, these dumb are pathetic

Lacking the warming sympathy of our awareness

They exist undigested from our analysis, while our analysis factors them in

As long as they stay dumb

Their dumb can be infinite, but within acceptable expectations of our calculations

That’s what being dumb is



An example is to analyze the term “meta-analysises.”

There is no doubt pragmatics. It’s the doing that does regardless of our expectations.

Yet our expectations were pragmatically created, as well.

They did not come from no-where.

In this new metamodernity, the theory that is our expectation is not excused nor unexamined.

The self, ego, consciousness is exposed through its expression, its effort to influence the ongoing pragmatic bloom towards new revelations.

Testifying, the analysis is analyzed and place within the puzzle the mind’s eyes seeks to solve.

In the solution is a vindication that the accuracy of our analysis depends on good faith.

Faith in what would be the remaining question.



There’s something to say against silence

In a moment of decision making

Where certain decisions become possible

Reflection disassociated sees the moment as a mirror

Frozen in a dimension we cannot venture to

In the hot moment

The conditions bloom



The thought of freedom

A break from the necessary



Presumidos y arrogantes

Doloridos, semejante

Sin respeto, sin amantes

Vacios y irelevante

Sin alguien quien les diga la verdad de manera que la entiendan

Pero entre ellos se entienden

Entre ellos no son presumidos, son obvio

No son arrogantes, son orgullosos

No estan doloridos, son guerreros

No son semejante, son sangre

Entre ellos mismo sen respetan

Entre ellos mismo sen aman

Nunca vacios, lleno de cancion, musica y baile

Nunca irrelevante, sus conexiones es el mundo

Ninguna otra verda importa, ninguna otra realidad les interesa



It starts with a smile in the eyes of another

The seed of negativity cracks

Its fed and grows

Until the smile is our own

The negativity is first an identity of what is not but yearned

The not-ness becomes a point of departure

Towards something

A journey towards nothing, until we get what we wish

Then a point of departure with what we want, need, have towards somewhere else

Where is unknown, until it is not, then it becomes the nothingness we want



Betsy Calabaza

Betsy Calabaza


blooms — crazy rants masked as abstract experimental philosophy. s/o CS Peirce